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Hebei Xihang Animal Further Development established in 1997, was the first of foreign invested animal hair company in Anping, Hebei Province, 150 miles South from Beijing, where recognized to be the largest horse hair & relevant animal hair distribution market. in China since Ching Dynasty, 250 years ago. Our animal hair products are mainly exported to the European countries and are well received by customers.

Our major products include dressed horsehair, goat hair, bristle and other animal hair materials, also some further processed products like sanitary brushes, horsehair lining fabrics, wigs and cotton swabs.

Aside from animal hairs, we've also developed the vegetable fibers, such as ramie, linen, flax, from Northern and Central parts of China, and also Palm Fiber, Rice Root Fiber, Cactus-like Agave plant grown in the Guangdon, Hanan provinces, similar to Tampico, to fill with horsehairs for the brush material.




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