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vegetable fiber
Aside from animal hairs, we've also developed the vegetable fibers, such as ramie, linen, flax, from Southern and Central parts of China, and also Palm Fiber, Rice Root Fiber, Cactus-like Agave plant grown in the Guangdon, Hanan provinces, similar to Tampico (as picture), to fill with horsehairs for the brush material.
double drawn vegetable fiber
mixed horsetail hair and vegetable fiber

We process vegetable fiber at diameter ranging from 0.18mm to 0.25mm, with similar property to animal hair as follows:

  • Heat resistance
  • Good flexibility and strength
  • Environmental friendly
  • Economic cost
  • Easy use
dyed black vegetable fiber with horse hair

Vegetable fiber mixed with animal hair can make ideal materials for industial brush.
Vegetable fiber: diameter from 0.18mm to 0.25mm
Animal hair: horse mane hair or horse tail hair
Advantages of the mixture material:

  • Excellent oil absorption
  • Good flexibility
  • Heat resistance
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low cost

The sisal fibers are another important kind we have developed. Sisal fibers mixed with horsehair can be made used for body massagers in forms of Pad, Strap & Gloves.


Advantages of the sisal fibers

  • Strong and pliable
  • Good tensility
  • High friction resistance
  • Good acid and alkali resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wide use

the sisal body massager

the sisal products



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