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Horsetail Hair Lining Fabric is an important product developed by Xihang, making full use of its quality horsetail hair materials. It is now exported to Japan, Korea, Italy and other countries, for garment or industrial decoration use in making of bags, seat covers, cases, or other products.

Variety of Horsetail hair Lining Fabrics offered by Xihang:

  • Decoration Industrial Horsetail Hair Lining Fabric
  • Horsetail Hair Lining Fabric for Garment
  • Hair Interlining Fabric
  • Horsetail Hair Core Yarn & Lining Cloth
Decoration Industrial Horsehair Fabric is made with pure cotton or polyester fiber as warp while colored horsetail hair as weft, mainly used as decoration cloth. The weaving pattern can be plain or jacquard. Decoration Industrial Horsehair Fabric is widely used as materials of back-covers and seat covers for top-grade sofa and high-grade cars, also for making handbags, cases and bags, for its characteristics of beautiful looking, smoothness, stiffness, good ventilation, wear-resisting, endurable in using and bright shines.
Horsetail Hair Lining Fabric for Garment is the ideal material for western style business suits and first-class garments with pure cotton or polyester fiber as warp and natural horsehair going across as weft in plain weave. Horsehair Lining enjoys such advantages like high density, good flexibility and stiffness, smart, wash-resisting, wear-resisting, lasting in keeping shape, human body and environment friendly.
Hair Interlining Fabric is made with pure cotton yarn as warp while blend of yak hair and human hair as weft. Yak hair offers good spring and good resistance to twisting or wrinkling. Yak hair is softer and more flexible compared with horse tail hair, but has less spring and straightness after being dressed and shaped. Other properties are similar with horsetail hair lining fabrics. Hair Interlining Fabric enjoys a broad range of application, can be used together with horsetail hair lining fabrics or other lining fabrics.
Horsetail Hair Core-Spun Yarn is woven with three-ply cotton yarn wrapping it. The Lining Cloth is woven with warp of cotton yarn and weft of horsetail hair core-spun yarn. It enjoys all the properties of horsetail hair lining fabric, while it is thicker and wider in size. Horsetail Hair Core-Spun Yarn Lining Fabric is suitable for making thick, sturdy, smart coats, wind coats, suits and officer suits. It can be used together with Horsetail Hair Lining Fabrics.


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